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What to wear on Christmas

We had a GREAT time making those gift lists. Our favorite shoes, tops, dresses and then gifts for women who have everything. And thanks to our readers for making this past week the biggest week on eStyleChat ever!

But it’s time to remove ourselves from list making and start thinking about what we’ll wear on the big day. It’s less than two weeks away and since we are online shoppers, you’ll need time to order any of these amazing outfits! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, use these great ideas for all the holiday parties you’ll be attending this year! And readers, don’t forget, if you’re looking for something online, trying to find the perfect outfit or have found the perfect outfit, let us know! Comment below or tweet us @eStyleChat.

You’ll notice that these outfits are chronological. It only makes sense to start on Christmas Eve and work our way through the various situations you might yourself in before, during and after the holiday extravaganza.

Christmas Eve Party

The Go for the Goldenrod Dress from Modcloth is such a wonderful change from the usual red, green, black and silver holiday colors. It’s festive, flattering and only $55! Perfect for indoor parties where you need a heavy coat on the way there but then something cooler in a room full of family and friends. Both sets of heels are from and you can go right to that shoe by clicking on the picture.

Christmas Morning

It’s okay to shamelessly want to look cute whether you’re opening presents with your significant other or your parents. Rock out some awesome pajamas like these pink Reindeer pants from Forever 21 for only $9.50 or go a little wilder with a full footie outfit from for only $25. Worth it for one morning!

And you can’t forget the slippers! These are some of the most comfortable, durable slippers out there and you may even have their cousin…the Ugg boot. Ugg slippers for $100.

Brunch with Family

Have fun with some colorful tights for $14 and a long sweater like this one from Tommy Hilfiger.

You might recognize this Vanessa Bruno sweater from our Thanksgiving post! It is a deal at only $83 on the Outnet. If you bought it for Thanksgiving, toss on the red tights and use it for Christmas!

Formal Christmas Dinner

For many of you, you’ll need something stylish that Grandma will also approve of. Enter this classic lace black dress for $100 from ModCloth combined with these vintage orange earrings from Zappos for $100. Hey, you saved so much on a beautiful dress you can afford to splurge on the earrings!

Another great option is this beautiful purple long-sleeved silk dress from ShopBop. Perfect for going to a big family gathering or an office Christmas party.


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