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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Dear Readers! Thank you for your comments, views and Twitter following over the past five months. We’re already looking forward to an exciting 2012!

Emily, Bryce and Henry

And don’t forget! If you’re still wondering what to wear this Christmas, check out this post for some great ideas. You can also click through our gift guide for women who have it all.

Gifts for the woman who has everything

We’re in the midst of our holiday shopping and online ordering and there are just some ladies on our lists that are hard to shop for! Either they see something they love and buy it for themselves or they have such a unique taste and style that we don’t feel comfortable shopping for them. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you’re looking for a gift to by yourself! Lucky you! We compiled a list of gifts to buy the woman who has everything. All can be found online and many are available from companies with very fast (or free) shipping! Who are you shopping for? Are you buying yourself a present? Leave it in the comments!

This mirror from Linens N Things would go with nearly anyone’s style. Whether they have a vintage flair or are super feminine or they love modern, clean finishes, it fits! Click here to find it for $217.

Stackable rings are chic and classic. Plus, they’re easy to buy when you don’t know their size because they can be worn on any finger! This set from Shopbop for just under $300 has gold, silver and stones to match any taste.

Smells like pink champagne, looks like art. Love it! Check out this L’Objet gold crocodile candle for $95. Yes, it’s expensive and quite literally goes up in smoke (hehe) but with a jar as beautiful as that, it’s worth keeping after the candle is gone.

This flowy, sexy top can be worn by women of nearly any size and shape. It works by itself, with a skirt, under a jacket or layered with a cardigan. So many options! Click here to find it on the Outnet for $92.

Part rocker, part hippie but all love, check out this leather and metal bracelet for $50. So cool.

Guess who can wear scarves? Everyone! It’s a wonderful one-size-fits-all gift that’s affordable. This bright and beautiful scarf is $30 from JCrew and a full circle so it will never slip off. Plus, you’ll be so en vogue because “infinity” scarves are all the rage right now.

On our wish list…Dresses!

Welcome to Part 4 of our Wish List series!

Quick Recap…

Part 1: Bottoms and Skirts

Part 2: Tops and blouses

Part 3: Shoes and accessories

Part 4: Dresses!

Here we get to pick all the things we’ve found online that we would love to see wrapped up in a cute little box for us. Of course, since it’s the holiday season, we also feel it’s okay to pick one or two items that are over our normally-very-strict $300 price point. We found a HUGE variety of dresses (from super formal, to summer tanks) that we love. Enjoy!

1. A sexy sweater dress. This Alberta Ferretti knitted wool sweater dress is beautiful. While we featured a variety of sweater dresses in this post, the Ferretti sweater dress is a little more expensive at $480 but the quality is worth every penny.

2. A striking color. Um, beautiful wrap dress for $50? Yes please! Find this fuchsia dress on ModCloth for $47.

3. A dress you’ll have forever. Whether you’re 22 or 42 years old, this dress will look amazing. The brick color and classic cut make it a staple and the designer, Dolce and Gabbana, makes it a must-own. $550 on the Outnet and easily the favorite dress on the list.

4. An awesome LND. That’s Little Navy Dress. Take your current LBD up another notch to NAVY with this navy rosette chiffon dress for $225. No strapless bra required!

5. A silky-summer dress. Wear this silk tube top dress with flip flops in July or a cardi and heels in Winter. Available on Net-a-porter for $180.

6. Something with sleeves. It’s not a sweater dress but it still has sleeves! ASOS slit sleeve dress with cut out back. Click on the picture to go to the ASOS site and take a look at the back of this dress. Gorgeous and only $72.

Love this wish list? Scroll back to the top and check out the three other lists this week! Or, leave us a comment with what’s on your list this year.

On our wishlist…shoes and accessories

You’ve seen the tops we want, you’ve seen the bottoms and skirts we want…now it’s time for shoes, jewelry and accessories!

1. Amazing, retro sunglasses. Ray Ban (who else?) makes these awesome shades and you can click here to find them for $100 from Urban Outfitters.

2. Sherling booties. Warm, fashionable, heeled, booties? Yes please! $150 Kelsi Dagger booties from Shopbop.

3. Unique leather boots. Corso Como makes these Radar boots with built-in stocking and they’re available on Zappos for $119, on sale from $199.

4. Chic clutch. This red croc clutch from ASOS  is $100 and looks much more expensive. Love the color and print.

5. Shoes that are a SPLURGE. Okay, while you might not have a multitude of occasions to wear these (granted, we might have to create occasions to wear these), everyone needs a splurge on their holiday wish list. Our splurge is these Miu Miu glitter and calf hair pumps for (deep breath) $455.

6. More sparkle. You just can’t have enough glitter this time of year. If $450 is a little high, these Kate Spade pumps might be closer to your price range at $350.

7. Statement jewelry. If you thought you couldn’t afford anything from Oscar de la Renta, think again. You can now have both Oscar and statement jewelry at the same time and for barely $100. Check out this amazing, 24-carat gold plated ring from Net-a-porter.

Our Wish List Part 2: Tops and Blouses

We’re having way too much fun  making our wish lists! This is Part 2, all the tops we want for Christmas (or for a present in 2012). If you missed Part 1 on bottoms and skirts, click here to check it out! Don’t miss dresses later this week and then shoes and accessories coming very soon.

1. A sweet vest. This Holy G vest is also on where you can stalk all of Emily’s favorite things. Again, the passcode on the website is eStyleChatObsessed so check it out! The vest is from ModCloth and is only $69.

2. A better button down. This flattering, feminine button down  with a bow is $70 and a gorgeous, multi-season color.

3. Wearable cashmere. You know how sometimes cashmere is just too much for everything but a really cold church function? Yeah, we get it. Take it down a notch and go short sleeve with this N Peal cashmere top for just over $100 or this cashmere vest for $95. 

4. An ultra-fem, splurge top that you’ll love for years. It’s the holidays. We needed a splurge that broke $300 on our list. So we picked this Tory Burch top that combines a shirt and best into a ridiculously wearable combination. It’s $350 from Bergdorf.

Friday Fun from Emily

Good morning readers!

This week has flown by. Maybe it was the wonderfully relaxing Thanksgiving, maybe it was all the great Cyber Monday deals or maybe it was the big snow in Denver Wednesday night. Either way, Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week on eStyle Chat. It’s been our busiest week yet with more clicks, comments and views than in our short but sweet history. I’m so excited to be participating on Currently Obsessed and please use special access code estylechatobsessed on to follow all the things I’m loving right now.

I’m getting ready to host a holiday party so I’m on the search for the best holiday party dress. Any  ideas? Sequins mandatory.

These are a few of my ideas (not all at once, mind you). I’m loving that multi-colored sequin skirt. It might be the winner.



Let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading eStyle Chat. It’s definitely my labor of love and I appreciate every pair of eyes that graces the site. Thank you!

A new way to follow eStyle Chat

Good morning readers!

Now there is an amazing new way to follow Emily and eStyle Chat. Warning: it’s really addictive and you’ll see only a selection of the cutest and most stylish clothes we love. Plus we’ll feature more accessories and periodically nailpolish and beauty products we  love. It’s called Currently Obsessed and you can click here to visit and “Stalk” eStyle Chat.

Visit that link and here’s the access code you’ll need: eStyleChatObsessed

There is a very select number of invitations so visit the link and use the passcode today! Let us know what you think!

Here’s a look at what Emily currently has on Current Obsessed.



Blog Love: Emerald Closet

Adria and Travis are the masterminds behind the savvy Seattle blog Emerald Closet.  eStyle Chat recently sat down with the pair of fashionistas to find out what they love about blogging and where they hope to see Emerald Closet go in the future.

1. What gave you the idea to create Emerald Closet? 

Adria: I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I was a little girl. If you look through my notebooks over the years, you’ll see endless sketches of clothing design ideas. Growing up I always worked in retail, and when college came around I got heavily involved with fashion. I was accepted into a selective fashion photography program in London and had the opportunity to work with models and learn under professional photographer Jeff Licata. Through this program, I met my now-friend Michelle who told me about her dream to start a fashion magazine. Pretty soon I found myself being the Photo and Art Director at the new magazine and becoming the go-to person for photo styling. This was when my love of fashion and journalism blossomed.

However, it wasn’t until my job as an online marketer that I discovered the Internet and blogging. I knew instantly I wanted to create a fashion blog, as I always followed Scott on The Sartorialist but never really understood he was a blogger. As soon as that realization hit, and I saw that Seattle was seriously lacking in the street style scene, The Emerald Closet was born. I hadn’t seen any blogs that offer personal styling services, both online and in person, so that idea quickly became a core differentiator for the blog I wanted to start. My brother-in-law, Travis, was one of the most stylish people I knew, was great at web development, and could offer a unique male perspective, something that is less common in the blogging world. Bringing him on board was a no-brainer.

 2. How would you describe your personal style?

Travis: Classic, tailored, urban prep. I’m a big fan of layering and am more often than not found in collared shirts, ties, and a sweater or blazer. My style is a mix of Banana Republic and a lumberjack, as I’m a big fan of tartan and work boots. For me quality and timelessness are the most important consideration when shopping, and that’s reflected in my wardrobe.

Adria: Classic, minimalist, and a bit disheveled. I stick to mostly earth tones and am normally found in a variation of “my uniform”: a versatile, high-waisted and cropped dress pant, a slouchy tissue tee, chunky necklace, and a blazer. Switch it up with gladiators, booties, pumps, or sneakers, and you have a different look every time. Oh, and I love J.Crew. It’s where most of my wardrobe comes from and it always surprises everyone because I don’t always style it in the typical J.Crew “disheveled urban prep” style.

3. What do you think is the hardest part about being a style/fashion blogger? 

Adria: Definitely the time commitment. Since most bloggers can’t just quit their day job, they need to make time around an already busy schedule to consistently blog. And honestly, the writing part is the easiest. The hardest is promoting the content, building relationships, and attracting new loyal readers. I’ve always been the type who wanted to do it right, so I probably create more work for myself, but to me it is totally worth it. And if it is really something you love, the time flies and you can really get lost in your work. Just today a friend told me how she met another friend’s boyfriend who is really into fashion, and when she mentioned me he replied, “Oh yea, I already follow The Emerald Closet.” It was the most fabulous thing to hear. Knowing that the blog has reader who I don’t know makes all the sweat, time, and tears I put into our blog worth it.

 4. What do you hope the future holds for your blog and where would you like to see it go in 5 years? 

We’re hoping to really delve into our personal shopping and styling services and start promoting it more aggressively. We’re also hoping to create a portfolio of clients, which we think will add more value to prospective customers. We even plan to create our very own e-zine, because I desperately miss that print and layout aspect of journalism.

 5. What’s your clothing budget and/or how much are you willing to spend on one item?

Adria: We tend to shop without looking at prices, looking at the tags as the ultimate deciding factor. I love clothes, so putting something down for price is never my first instinct. That being said, I generally shop at pretty reasonable stores, such as J.Crew, Madewell, Club Monaco, and so forth. I’m not much of a label whore, so dropping $1000 for a t-shirt is not an option. I compare the price to the craftsmanship and think, “can I buy an identical piece elsewhere for less?” If the answer is yes, which is often the case for basics, I move on. However, I am happy to spend hundreds of dollars on items like bags and shoes, because they experience the most wear and tear so the investment is worth it.

6. What item is at the very top of your wish list? 

Travis: I’m a pretty big guy, at 6’4″. I wear a size 15 shoe, so shoes are always at the top of my wishlist. Right now I’m looking for the perfect pair of wing tips in my size, preferably in a warm caramel tone.

Adria: I stand behind the fact that I’m not much of a label whore. However, there are a few designers that I sincerely respect and would really love to own. The top of that list is a classic quilted Chanel chain purse. It will never, ever go out of style and is a true investment piece. I’d also really love to own a Carine Gilson chemise. She is hands down the most talented lingerie designer I have come across. I’d also like the opportunity to shop an entire Chloe collection without having to worry about price, even if it is just once in my life as some sort of prize.

To our wonderful readers

If you’re coming from Coffey House, a warm welcome! We were so excited to partner with Megan and pair our clothing recommendations with her awesome tips for teachers.

Whether you’re new to eStyle Chat or have been here for a few months, take a look around, browse our Style Tips, Color Features and Price Focus articles. We think you’ll like it here!

Most importantly, we’re noticing that a lot of our lovely and stylish readers are clicking on images and buying the things they find. When you make a purchase, whether it’s something you see here or something you found on the store’s website, leave us a comment! What did you think of the item? Did you like the color and fit? Help out other readers and let them know how it worked for you.

We love hearing from you, so always leave us your thoughts and if you’d ever like us to cover anything – be it a certain piece of clothing or a new retail store – let us know!


Favorite Weekend Clothes

Happy Friday! We hope you have a fun weekend ahead that involves a cocktail or two and at least an hour of watching Once Upon A Time, one of our latest guilty pleasures.

Here’s an online selection of the best, most comfortable, most chic and most relaxed weekend clothes.

Free People Anorak coat for $84 with Free People Burnout extra-soft tee for $41

Theyskens 100% Jersey tee with uneven hem for $100. It’s a lot different than your boyfriend’s undershirt. Wear with these AG Jegging Cords from Piperlime for $168.

MinkPink Sweater from Shopbop (Free shipping!) for only $61

Morning Routine Knit Cardigan from ThreadSense for $52. Toss it on with leggings and flats or boots for a polished, cozy shopping outfit. Love the layering of patterns in this cardy. These nav shapewear leggings from IMAN for only $14 would be a great choice.

Keep your feet (and legs) toasty with these rust-colored slouchy socks from Free People


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