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About eStyle Chat

The advice of an expert, the honesty of a friend…all online! We post the greatest in online shopping AND you can post your questions or links to outfits. We love to hear from you in the comments and we’ll keep you updated on sale information, new styles and great fit choices. You can also subscribe to our posts by entering your e-mail to the right.

Clothing stores with an ecommerce site can chat with us about online shopping services or outfit reviews. Or if you’d like a review of a certain clothing item, just send us your info. Of course, we’ll always be up front with our readers, letting them know this is a sponsored item and we’ll also say exactly what we think.

Want to get in touch with eStyle Chat? Just e-mail us!

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Chocolate Pearls

About the Blog

Where did eStyle Chat come from?

eStyle Chat is the brainchild of Emily, an avid online shopping and social media expert, who was looking for a way to narrow down the wide world of online shopping into just the clothes she liked…and wanted to pay for!

What makes eStyle Chat different from any of the other fashion blogs?

There are so many great fashion blogs and personal style blogs out there. You can find our favorites over to the right under “Our Blog Friends”. But there are a few things that make eStyle Chat different:

1. We keep the price point per item under $300. If we go over, there’s a darn good reason.

2. We do 100% of our shopping online. We talk shipping policies, online personal shopping, fit, color and more.

3. We offer a lot of personalized advice. Ask us a question, we’ll find the answer.

You respond on Twitter as “we”. Who is the “we”?

While Emily is the founder and primary author on eStyle, fashion advice, style tips and other blog information regularly comes from contributors who are always credited in the posts. Keep an eye out for a wide variety of guest authors!

Who is that dog in all of Emily’s pictures?

Oh, that’s just Henry. Henry is a camera hog and tries to sneak into every shot. He really likes having his picture taken so you’ll see him often. He’s more or less the eStyle Chat mascot.

What’s the main focus of eStyle Chat?

Making online shopping more fun and easier! It’s also about finding the right clothes for YOU that you can afford.

What are some of your favorite brands?

Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Mod Cloth, Michael Kors and JCrew are just a few of the brands you’ll see on a regular basis.

Do brands pay to have their clothes featured?

Not often, but when they pay, you’ll know. We’re very transparent when it comes to reviews and even if it was a paid review, it will still be a very honest review.

How can I get in touch with eStyle Chat?

Just visit our Contact Page. You can find phone and e-mail information as well as Twitter, Pinterest and more.

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