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How to wear dresses with flowy fabric

Have you ever tried on a dress and it added an instant 20 pounds? Did it just seem like there was too much fabric? Since buying a dress online makes it that much harder to find the right cut and fit for you, here is a helpful guide to choosing dresses, tops and skirts that are loose, flowy and romantic.

Where the waist hits

Is the waist of the dress at your waist ie- the smallest part of your middle? It’s absolutely find to have a dress that brings the waistline down a bit but if the waist of the dress and the area where most of the fabric gathers is at one of your larger spots (hips or waist) it’s not a good fit for you.

Example: If you aren’t an hourglass or carry more of your weight in your middle, a dress like the chiffon ASOS dress might not be the right choice for you. But with larger thighs, the sleeves on this dress will even out your bottom half, accentuate your middle and give you a beautiful hourglass. How much fabric gathers?

Don’t worry! If you carry a little extra in your middle, this dress will be perfect. With no gather in the middle, toss on some amazing shoes and earrings with this Marchesa metallic dress and you’ll look like a zillion bucks! With no middle gather, it’s an easy shift-like choice. Add a Belt

Never hesitate to cinch in some of this season’s flowy dresses and shirts! You can click on any image to find the belt and here are some great stylish choices:

Add some color! Find this at ShopBop

Classic, beautiful and would dress up a nicer outfit or any work clothes.

Love this! It’s two layers of chain and closes with leather. Very cool and only $30.Other Flowy Styles:

Rule of thumb: a loose top requires fitted pants and a loose skirt requires a fitted top. That will keep you from adding the 20 pounds of weight created by too much fabric! Here are some separates to mix and match following that rule, some flowy and some fitted: A flowy, flattering dress without too much fabric! Pleated skirt with a JCrew blazer for some retro flair.

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